No sea level rise in over 5 1/2 years!

While playing looking at some of the familiar data and applications we use in this CAGW discussion, I noticed something peculiar that I hadn’t noticed before.  I think its odd that I hadn’t, but then maybe there’s just so much information to view it had gone by me on an occasion or two.  As can be noted by some of the articles I write, I’m no fan of satellite sea-level data.  I think there are several unanswered questions that need to be addressed before we can have faith in what they are telling us.  That said, we see that many already use satellite information as metrics to what we’re seeing and how it relates to the CAGW discussion.  So, this makes me wonder why, after several years of talking about continual sea-level rise, we would see this………


This graph was generated directly from data pulled from the Aviso site.

I used Envisat for the sat data base.  I used the inverted barometer without any corrections or adjustments(the GIA for example) applied, and what do I find?  A flat line for over 5 1/2 years.  I wonder how come this good news hasn’t been shared by anyone?

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8 Responses to No sea level rise in over 5 1/2 years!

  1. Latitude says:

    I thought we had talked about this already…….
    ….then again, I couldn’t find the bathroom last night either, ran smack into the door frame

    • suyts says:

      lol, well, of course we’ve touched on it, but I just wanted to put it out there like this………… looks like I need to adjust the graph size…….

      Ok, that’s done. We’ve touched on it, but here it is. In the face of all of that blathering about sea-level rise. We can recall them screaming about it even just 2 years ago. Wetting themselves and stating with certitude that the sea level is rising, when obviously nothing of the sort was happening.

      BTW, That usually happens to me after too many beers too…..:-)

      • Latitude says:

        That’s the same as screaming temperatures are rising…..when they’re not

        This is the greatest resource…I’ve been looking for ways to link it, but everything lately has had nothing to do with these things..That’ll change!

      • suyts says:

        Yeh, it’ll swing back. And here this stuff will be.

  2. kelly liddle says:

    The main point about sea level rise is when it is talked about there are usually 2 major omissions. It is estimated that ground water is about equal to ice caps and the other being tectonic movements. But all we hear about is heating water and melting ice and it is only the melting ice that can be measured with any accuracy as the Argo floats have only been around for 10 years and is difficult at this time to determine if they present an accurate temperature reading for the whole ocean. 1 Argo float to 400 000 cubic kilometres of water approximately.

    • suyts says:

      Thanks Kelly, I’m glad you popped by.

      As to tidal gauges, the tectonic movements would be significant. To sat data, I wouldn’t think so much in the totality. Land moves, it won’t displace anymore than it left.

      The rest is mystery. I tend to think of water as finite, but where and how it will be, who knows? But, given that chemical reactions cause H2O to form, I don’t know my thoughts are correct about the finite property of earth’s H2O. Further, I think the atmosphere changes in how much H2O it holds.

      My point is, the sea level measurements are probably useless, be it tidal gauges or satellite data. And the hyperbole over the sea-level is unwarranted. We’re not drowning, and we’re not going to drown. There is an obvious mechanism that regulates things. What it is, I do not know.

      BTW, you were stuck in moderation only because this was the first time you commented. From now on, your posts will go right through, given that you don’t try to post too many links.


  3. Mike Davis says:

    I suspect that when push comes to shove we will find that sea levels have been falling since the globe started descending towards the next Glacial Maximum. Maybe as long as 8,000 years. However ice has formed and melted during that time so there have been variations in the regional sea levels. Water has been locked up in ground water that delays its travels toward the oceans but that washes out over time.
    The amount of water in the atmosphere ( actually H2O in its various forms) depends on temperature and the existence of particles that causes it to condense and form precipitation. I have seen steam coming off my pond in the middle of winter with temperatures well below freezing and the water rises to form what looks like diamond dust floating through the air. I have ground water flowing into my pond a average ground temperature year round, and that is the source of the relatively warm water during Winter.
    The other factor is that water is locked up in all living matter and even after drying wood products still contain a great deal of moisture, but that also washes out over time. Of course some of it becomes decayed material that stays in the ground.
    Being that there are chemical reactions that create water there are also chemical reactions that break down water into hydrogen and oxygen.
    In nature nothing is static, everything is in a state of change.
    Sea level measurements are useful for docking and traveling through shallow waters.

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