By their fruit you will recognize them.

Matthew 7:16

I came across a story the other day and I can’t remember where or when!  Fortunately, during the left/right pro/anti science discussions (more on that later) I found it again by a commentator at Climate etc.  (Tom)  I later saw it referenced by other commentators on different blogs. 

For many years, many of us have been saying the cure for the alleged climate crisis is much worse than the crisis would be itself.  The NY Times, of all things, has given us yet another example of the steps toward this cure

We’ve also noted that these cures seem to dismiss the people of underdeveloped nations.  As always, we’ve been dismissed as cranks and worse.  Well, here’s something they are going to have a hard time running from.  This is heartbreaking. 

From the article, “According to the company’s proposal to join a United Nations clean-air program, the settlers living in this area left in a “peaceful” and “voluntary” manner.“

Later in the story, “Residents were given until Feb. 28, 2010, to vacate company premises while soldiers and the police kept surveillance. Company officials visited, too. From time to time a house would be burnt down, villagers said. Then came Feb. 28, a Sunday.

We were in church,” recalled Jean-Marie Tushabe, 26, a father of two. “I heard bullets being shot into the air.”

“Cars were coming with police,” Mr. Tushabe said, sitting among the ruins of his old home. “They headed straight to the houses. They took our plates, cups, mattresses, bed, pillows. Then we saw them getting a matchbox out of their pockets.”

Homeless and hopeless, …….”

Continuing… “Olivia Mukamperezida, 28, said her house was among the first in her community to be burned down. One day in late 2009, she said, her eldest son, Friday, was sick at home, so she went out to find medicine. Villagers suddenly told her to rush back. Everything was incinerated.

“I found my house when it was completely finished,” she said. “I just cried.”

Ms. Mukamperezida never found the culprits. She buried Friday’s bones in a grave, but says she does not know if it is still there.”

By their works, we know them.  This is aim.  This is the goal.  And this is a harbinger of things to come if these people are left unchecked.  And, this is the fruit of their works.  The next time some pinhead brings up the possibility of climate refugees, please direct them to this story and ask which they’d prefer.

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52 Responses to By their fruit you will recognize them.

  1. Mike Davis says:

    I have been recognizing them for years. The worst of the bunch are those who claim they want to keep the indigenous people living the same way they did hundreds of years ago. There are also those who live a semi modern life style and claim they are in tune with the land!

  2. Anything is possible says:

    Had Exxon Mobil done this during the course of laying a new pipeline, the outrage would have been off the charts…….

    • Mike Davis says:

      If a oil company had forced the relocation of one family the outrage is off the charts.
      The situation is going on in many tropical countries and once the get their money they cut down the trees to start over getting more money.
      The entire carbon market is a scam that accomplishes nothing worth while!

  3. suyts says:

    20,000 people displaced so they could grow trees to sell as carbon offsets. And, that’s just one place that was reported on. I wonder how many more atrocities must be committed in the name of this psuedo-science? I wonder if they get more carbon offsets to sell with the murder of the sick boy Friday?

  4. Mike Davis says:

    Now you have to log in to read the “Stuff” at the NYT! No thanks!
    But it does sound like PNG!
    That was probably members of the religion of peace, peacefully interacting with their neighbors that worshiped in a different manner!

    • suyts says:

      It was the psuedo-religion of global warming. They literally burned defenseless people out of their homes, murdered innocent children, confiscated their property and displaced over 20,000 people in order to plant trees so people could buy carbon offsets.

      • Mike Davis says:

        I found the information at WUWT. Uganda, a country that believes in the right of all individuals as displayed by their signing the UN civil rights agreement. A backwards people that are not yet ready to play a part on the world stage yet there are many that want to defend them. You understand that IF we had just given them what they wanted they would treat others better so it is all our fault! The Peace Corps of the 60s caused the current problems in developing countries!

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  6. Latitude says:

    Julienne just informed me that the science of measuring Arctic sea ice….has not changed in over 30 years……
    It’s still exactly the same, the science has not advanced one bit, and they have made no improvements to their science at all.
    Obviously they must be using the exact same satellites, sensors, and frequencies….
    …and what’s amazing, they got it exactly right the first time, right out of the box, and have not needed to change one thing in over 30 years….

    ….I need to go blow lunch now

    • Mike Davis says:

      I try to refrain from “Discussing” with those who show a lack of knowledge and believe they are experts!
      Especially that one!

      • Latitude says:

        Mike, she was just talking about another group, using a higher frequency sensor….a week ago…..on Steve’s blog
        What was amazing, is she’s trying to claim that nothing has been “improved” in over 30 years. When every press release, they claim improvements.

        Improvements are changes….you can’t show a trend when it’s been constantly changed and upgraded…………

      • Mike Davis says:

        I read her comments!
        I have been talking about improvements in masking, sensors and computer programs as the last two were the field I retired from. IO devices and computer programs.
        I have sort of kept up with digital photography, radar improvements and microwave technology. What was top of the line in 1979 is way past obsolete today. I worked on ten year old digital equipment the manufacture did not support because of improvements in the entry level devices. They were so buggy they needed constant attention and the manufacture wanted everyone to upgrade to the latest. As time progressed the period of support got shorter and by the end of 1999 they were only offering support for items less than two years old as far as software went. Hardware failure resulted in replacement if the customer had a contract and the failure was due to normal wear! Other wise the customer paid current inflated prices.
        She has been claiming the no improvements for a while!

  7. Mike Davis says:

    Even though the equipment used has the same designator, the stuff built in the 70s will not work with the equipment today. No matter how many times she makes the claim it is false!

    • Latitude says:

      But I don’t get why she would claim something so ridiculous…..
      …something that is that obvious

      She should at least make up a better story…….

    • suyts says:

      Being generous, it very well could be that she doesn’t understand the differences that have occurred in our communications and mannerisms in which we accumulate data. It could be in her mind that a satellite is a satellite. That’s just about the only explanation I can come up with.

      I like Julienne, it would disappoint me greatly to think that she doesn’t understand how measurements are altered by the way they are measured. OTOH, it would greatly disappoint me if she does understand and make such a statement. 😦

      That said, the point of this post was to show people like Julienne the fruits of their labor. I don’t believe this is the intention of Dr. Stroeve. But it is the consequence of efforts from people such as Dr. Mann, Hansen, Trenberth, Jones……etc. It is time to delineate where people stand. Objective, I’ll buy a disagreement. But, after they’re told…….. there is no excuses.

      By their fruits, they will be known.

      • Latitude says:

        ..I think you should prepare to be disappointed
        Even when it’s pointed out to her, something easy for her to check out….
        ….or worse, something she obviously should be aware of
        she denies it happened.

        Example, it’s impossible for her to be where she is, doing what she’s doing, and not know about the drones….
        …why they used them… get photographs
        and the results…..different shades of gray are now used to tell ice thickness, area, and extent

        AND it’s impossible for her to say that nothing has changed in the way they measure ice

        Originally they were measuring too much water as ice….giving a false high level
        Every “correction” and “improvement” has been to show more water as water….and of course less ice…..

      • suyts says:

        In this case, I think reasoned, leveled, explanations are what is necessary.

        Again, I’m giving the benefit of doubt, but Lat, you’re of the age that you know it is difficult to come to terms with the idea that your ideas are incorrect. I know, you, me, Mike and countless others have come to a point where reality slapped us silly and showed us how one or more of our thoughts were wrong. Some of us accept the lessons and grow. Others reject it and don’t. But, there is a point where we hold out for hope that we were right…….all the while reality is giving us a good beat down.

        I perceive that there are many alarmists in this position. The transition is harsh, but the transition is worthwhile. Just my thoughts. 🙂

  8. Mike Davis says:

    It is entirely possible that she does not understand the changes in technology. I had customers that were college professors in engineering that lacked understanding of how technology had advanced. They knew the narrow area of research they were involved in but anything outside that was foreign to them. The IT professionals that limited their knowledge to hardware or software with no understanding of communications between machines beyond plugging in the cables.
    It is possible, considering her age,she is not aware of technology advances and relies on the books that use the same terminology for processes then and now to give the impression thee has been no change!

  9. Latitude says:

    Mike, I’m just not buying it….
    I work with data, the first thing you do is look at the history of your data

    But that’s avoiding what she actually said. She said there has been no change…and specifically said no change to the equipment, sensors, or frequency

    That’s not possible for her to not know that…..she sits on a working group that actually works with the changes…..

    “”””In addition, we will intercalibrate between the various passive microwave (SMMR, SSM/I, and AMSR-E) and the optical and thermal sensors (AVHRR and MODIS) using the EOS era sensors as the baseline.””””

    • Mike Davis says:

      This puts her in the same boat as Spencer, of having to justify the results you are reporting as being the best there is to promote additional funding.
      Every thing I read from NSIDC is beating their own drum and asking for additional funding. But that is the name of the game in the field of climatology.
      You need us because we say things to scare you!
      If it were not for the people doing ice research people would think the ice conditions were following natural patterns of long term expansion and contraction as was observed in the past!

  10. Latitude says:

    Here’s the link…..
    “we will intercalibrate between the various sensors”
    and all of those satellites are new……………..

    Read the job description…..the project summary

    • suyts says:

      Lat, you’re probably right. I’m just holding out for hope. In all of us, there is a goodness. Something that transcends beliefs. A base understanding of what is right, and what is wrong. We all possess it. ……

      There is no one in good conscience that believes the actions reported can be condoned. I’m not wishing to point out individuals, I’m wishing to point out the end results of peoples’ labors believing they are doing something good. Obviously, what has been reported isn’t good. People advocating the principles of CAGW need to know this is what they’ve bore. I think there are many who don’t know this is the result of their advocacy. They need confronted with this. But, I’ll allow for an epiphany.

      • Latitude says:

        It really all boils down to….
        You can’t have a job jiggling the numbers, without knowing why it’s necessary to jiggle the numbers in the first place………..

        I’m surprised this didn’t jump out at you like a light bulb…..
        “using the EOS era sensors as the baseline”

        …Now where have we seen tuning new equipment to old faulty equipment
        when it was the old faulty equipment that made it necessary to get the new equipment in the first place

        • suyts says:

          Yes, it should have jumped out at me. I think I posted this and the next one too close together. Between this post, the next post (Christians have been and are great contributors to science) beer, football, family, and other distractions, I haven’t focused properly on any of it. 🙂

          lol, and I get diverted easily…. I’m reading Isaac Newton’s Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John, and its occupying much of my focus.

          But, again, we could spend endless amount of time pointing out people. I just want people to know what is happening as a result of their advocacy and hopefully to get uninterested parties to see why it is important that we all get involved to stop this madness.

    • Mike Davis says:

      Well that is an obvious waste of taxpayers money. It would be cheaper in the long run to retire her in place and ignore any work she attempts to do. Restrict her spending to her personal salary.
      It is an example of the Peter Principle! People advance to the level of their incompetence!

  11. Mike Davis says:

    I lost this link:
    This is where you can find most of Stephen Wilde’s research on weather patterns.
    If you look at the forum you will see I posted over 2000 comments, mostly replies to members of the Chicken Little Brigade.

    • suyts says:

      I’ve visited that place before.

      You know what’s funny? The story behind this post is well known. There isn’t a skeptic around that doesn’t know about this. 20,000 people displaced. Children burned to death while they lay ill in their home. Mother’s left to bury their children only to be denied the knowledge of the place of their children’s rest. And Lucia is arguing with Monckton about Planck and e-mails. Its not funny at all. All of us see the detriment to this insanity. All of us see the harm to humanity. And Lucia is going to quibble about statistical acrobatics?

      I don’t know who I despise the most. People that are evil and by their evilness destructive to humanity or misanthropists that hide behind numbers. Fence riders. Such smart people that have learned nothing.

      Mike, you’ve lit a fire.

  12. Mike Davis says:

    I just found this one:
    Both of you will be interested!

      • Mike Davis says:

        A lot of familiar names in that post, many of whom I discussed climate with over the years.
        I would like to see some of them at Steven’s but understand why not!

      • Latitude says:

        Good Grief………….

        Mike read this post on WUWT too….

        Thread: Monckton on “pulling Planck out of a hat”

        go down to this post at this time:

        Legatus says:
        September 27, 2011 at 4:16 pm

      • Latitude says:

        You know…..I’ve heard of this before
        …and completely forgot it

      • suyts says:

        The problem is, what isn’t often heard, is that the Sun also emits IR.

        But, as I was telling Monckton, this can be overcome. What is the IR distribution per frequency? CO2 and methane have very narrow bandwidths. How much energy can they possibly absorb and then re-emit? Note, the graphic here isn’t anywhere close to scale and still both combined don’t offer a 1/20th of unique bandwidth. It’s what? 3.5 to 4? And the total IR energy goes way beyond 30!

      • Mike Davis says:

        I read that!
        I used to get jeered at because of telling people about the problems with using IR measuring devices and other things.
        I try to not read the comments at WUWT because of those who think their position is so reasonable regarding human caused climate change that must be mitigated at any cost and claim they are on the side of the sceptics.
        People like David Appell just set me off every time I see their name! I can list many other regulars at WUWT But I think you know who I mean!

  13. Mike Davis says:

    Look at the work that Nasife Nahle did.
    Here is his web site:

      • suyts says:

        Thanks Mike……….. I know you know most of this, but I’m going to state it anyway for the benefit of others.

        Here is one of the problems with his calculations…… well all of their calculations. Watts. Watts is an expression of energy/sec. Or more specifically, joules. It doesn’t define energy over time, save the second. The second was brought in because there wasn’t something that was understood less than that time. Watts are immediate energy and can be measured, now, in 1/10ths or 1/100ths of a second. But watts, are right then at that moment the energy at that spot, or joules if you will. Now, reckon that with watt/hours. Of course, this is energy over time. And, we can generate energy that equals a watt/hr over a second……….. Now, express that and extrapolate. Watts/meter squared are meaningless until you express it over time. To do it in watts or joules would be joules/sec/hour……. what?

        It isn’t the energy at that moment that matters, it is the energy over time. Watts/mtr/squared means nothing until you put it over time. But, it is already over time with joules/sec. So, when they say w/m2, they are saying joules/sec/m2, but over time, which is what matters, it would be expressed as joules/sec/m2/(Time, on average we’d have to call it 12 hours)

        I’m not a pitcher, but I know a strike when I see one. That ain’t it.

  14. Mike Davis says:

    In the climate world for a lot of discussion you have to play by the false rules they have created. Ignore the math as most of the math in climatology is meaningless based on corrupted measurements.
    There is NO Global Temperature and at the top of the atmosphere is enough energy to destroy all life on Earth during a normal day. If the atmosphere did not restrict incoming energy the planet would be to hot to support life as we know it and to cold at night because all the warmth would escape just as it does on the moon!
    By spending time in the desert during Winter when it is shirt sleeve weather during the day and you freeze your A$$ off at night because there is no moisture in the atmosphere to restrict the loss of warmth from the ground and a cold wind wick the energy out of you. As soon as the sun rises in the morning you can feel the warmth of the sun.
    I usually read the ideas they are trying to express rather than trying to work out the math. Math never fixed any trouble and using it only allowed me to communicate with the engineers that designed the stuff I was working on.
    I had to be able to do call center time analysis studies and teach others to read them. I also had to be able to explain problems with the results, either mechanical, software or human.
    I was the “Hands On guy”!

  15. Mike Davis says:

    Science seems to be giving their own definition to words and terms that only the initiated can understand.
    I know that in the field I worked in we used common terms and technical jargon that outsiders could not comprehend. There were times I had to act as interpreter between the customer and the sales department or even between sales and the system engineers. It was sometimes like talking 4 or 5 different languages.

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