Vindication for Steve?

For those that haven’t been to WUWT lately, Erl Happ, a frequent contributor, has another post titled “Where is the Science?”

In it, he discusses the Southern Oscillation Index.  Erl describes this as a representation of “the difference in atmospheric pressure between Tahiti and Darwin.”  Then he asks, “How is it that change in surface atmospheric pressure is so closely associated with a change in the temperature of the tropical ocean?”

Erl continues with a discussion of ENSO and the makes, a literal bold statement —–  Temperature change is linked to change in surface atmospheric pressure

Erl goes on making some remarkable links of pressure to temps.  It’s well worth the read. 

Some of us may recall Steve’s attempts to discuss the Ideal Gas Law at WUWT.  Two examples….. here  and here.  And, many of us would recall the emotive resistance to such a posit by alarmists and skeptics alike.  Steve continued with the idea at his own blog, and still much resistance.  Now, whether intentional or not, Erl has ventured into this camp of thought.  It will be interesting to see if he’s vilified as much as Steve for considering the subject by a different perspective.

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3 Responses to Vindication for Steve?

  1. Mike Davis says:

    I have had a link to Erl’s web site since he started it. I have also been reading and discussing climate with Stephen Wilde for a few years. When Climate Realist blog shut down I sort of lost touch with him but I see is still working on weather:

    • suyts says:

      I like Erl, but he didn’t seem too receptive to exploring the application of the Ideal Gas Law to the climate discussion, even though his post screams for it to be applied.

  2. Mike Davis says:

    In case you are not watching, The sky is supposed to fall in the next 12 hours or 7PM EDT +/- 7 hours. According to the “experts” at NASA! 😉

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