FEMA’s dirty little secret

I’m reading about how FEMA is running out of money, and this is true.  The fix for this was supposed to be included in stop-gap spending bill the House voted on to keep the federal government running.  The story is that FEMA has been force to hold up longer term projects to for “repairs” to things like sewer systems and the like.  Well, sort of………

FEMA hasn’t stopped these projects, they stopped sending checks for them.  FEMA:  Most of us believe FEMA is for Emergencies.  So, when they say they are holding up longer term projects, what does that mean?  What kind of EMERGENCY requires a long term project?  Well, there isn’t.  What they are doing is funding “mitigation” projects.    Mitigation projects are ones where there is a deficiency identified which may not withstand a storm of some type.  Now, this sounds pretty cool.  FEMA is proactively identifying areas of potential emergencies and taking steps to mitigate disasters.  That’s the plan, anyway.

What’s really happening?  What’s really happening is that after the administration took office new money was available for such projects.  Rather than each utility do the necessary maintenance on their respective systems, FEMA volunteered to pay for it.  When?  Right when the stimulus package became available.  Truly, shovel ready projects. 

It isn’t emergencies that caused FEMA to run out of money.  It was a backdoor stimulus program that trained the various utilities to waste money and count on Uncle Sugar to pay them for their neglect of the systems and people that were charged into our care.

It isn’t only rent seeking scientists at the public trough.  WE ALL ARE!!!  And it disgusts me.  The saddest and sickest part of this story, is that each entity already charges their customers for the necessary upgrades to their individual infrastructures.

So, if there is no money for FEMA to help the next disaster, know that much of the money that was marked for emergencies went to upgrades of systems we all already paid for, that in many cases there was no emergency, only a requirement for people to do what they should have done already without the money of people that will never set foot in the land they helped.


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3 Responses to FEMA’s dirty little secret

  1. Mike Davis says:

    They were my customers! Federal, State, Regional / county, and local government agencies. I know where you are coming from and what you are seeing. Lets just say it is a fact of life and it will probably destroy the country! Trying to unscramble the mess will only lead to more problems!

    • suyts says:

      It should have never gotten to this point. And, to get away from this ….. mess, it has to be unscrambled. Or, at the very least explained. It’s a lie of omission and an act of deception. Worse, everyone plays the game.

      • Mike Davis says:

        It has taken two hundred years of Business as usual to get to this point. It is politics and yes everyone plays the game! Well almost everyone!
        Maybe saying ten thousand years of evolution lead to this situation and survival of the fittest is going to come into play once again. Fittest in what way is the real question. With some form of intelligence separating humans from other animals I would think real intelligence will determine the fittest.
        This brings me back to:

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