Only 1/4 of Americans think global warming is entirely Anthropogenic!

Yes, the headline may be a bit misleading.  I’ve done this to illustrate how people pick up bits of polling information and twist it to fit their desires.

It has recently come to my attention that a new poll was conducted about American’s belief in Global Warming.  It has been picked up and run with on several news outlets.  It is a Reuters/Ipsos poll.  The headlines read something like “More Americans believe world is warming:”  And then they quote the poll, “The percentage of Americans who believe in global warming rose to 83 percent in 2011, from last year’s 75 percent, the poll conducted Sept. 8-12 found out.”  And then the story goes on to babble about Republican candidates and reiterate the bogus claim “…Rise in the number of natural disasters including the Hurricane Irene …”

Now, this runs counter to all the polls I’m familiar with so I set out to see what I could find out about this poll.  It took some doing…… about 1/2 of digging.  I’ve posted my findings at Steve’s, but I’ll place them here, too.

The poll was bogus.

From the poll “Interviewers were instructed to ask to speak with the youngest household member age 18 or older who was available to be interviewed.” So, right off the bat they skew the demographics. For some strange reason, they also intentionally skewed the gender demographics, “The initial request was for the youngest male during 75% of the calls and for the youngest female in the remaining 25%.”

From the same poll, on the question of importance, from extremely to very important, it is down from 44.17% to 41.63 %

On causation, “Things people do” —- Down from 30.56% to 26.60%.
The Headline Only 1/4 of Americans think global warming is entirely Anthropogenic!would be equally valid.

And finally, the question to the answer………..

Q12. “You may have heard about the idea that the world’s temperature may have been going up slowly over the past 100 years. What is your personal opinion on this – do you think this has probably been happening, or do you think it probably has not been happening?”

You can read the poll here, —–

I don’t know of any skeptic that doesn’t accept the possibility of the the earth’s temps slowly rising over 100 years.  Most of us accept that it has, and, in fact, we often point to the recorded temps in times past when we ridicule people believing a warmer earth is somehow more volatile.

Update!  Now it makes sense.  Anthony just linked to a different poll that shows quite the opposite information. So, apparently Reuters felt oblige to attempt some damage control.

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5 Responses to Only 1/4 of Americans think global warming is entirely Anthropogenic!

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Actually as far as I have been able to discover we do not know! We do know the Surface temperature records are corrupted beyond value. If the Global temperature reached a plateau in the 1800s we would still be seeing the effects of reaching that plateau and until the cooling once again reaches the levels of the LIA it will continue. The interesting point is that we may be very near the cooler temperatures but the condition of government controlled records leaves a lot ot be desired.
    Polling is a trained occupation. They have classes to teach “Proper methods of formulating questions to get the desired answer.
    Polling centers need some form of communications! Enter MOI! The training centers also needed communications so while trouble shooting communication “Problems” I observed!
    I guess you could say I lived the life of a fly on the wall in many places.

    • suyts says:

      Yeh, that’s what I was pointing out. The wording of the question was as such as to illicit the response they wanted. Had they changed the wording from 100 years to 10 years, the answer would have been entirely different. But, your right, the temp records are suspect enough that there remains questions.

  2. Mike Davis says:

    It is possible temperatures have been increasing in steps since the , at present unknown with any precision, end of the LIA.
    Over the long term, thousands of years the globe is slowly cooling and that has not changed!

  3. Mike Davis says:

    In case you miss it, here is a useful link:
    Either read and weep or read and laugh. I could not maintain a straight face any time I read this.
    Quality above Quantity! 😉

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