New Strategy! Rush to Publish and let blogosphere refine paper!!!!

There’s a new sheriff’s position open in town.  Peer-reviewers need not apply!

For those that may not be keeping up…….

From WUWT……

UPDATE: Dr. Spencer writes: I have been contacted by Andy Dessler, who is now examining my calculations, and we are working to resolve a remaining difference there. Also, apparently his paper has not been officially published, and so he says he will change the galley proofs as a result of my blog post; here is his message:

“I’m happy to change the introductory paragraph of my paper when I get the galley proofs to better represent your views. My apologies for any misunderstanding. Also, I’ll be changing the sentence “over the decades or centuries relevant for long-term climate change, on the other hand, clouds can indeed cause significant warming” to make it clear that I’m talking about cloud feedbacks doing the action here, not cloud forcing.”

Dessler may need to make other changes, it appears Steve McIntyre has found some flaws related to how the CERES data was combined:

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11 Responses to New Strategy! Rush to Publish and let blogosphere refine paper!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    apparently his paper has not been officially published
    I didn’t know this…..I thought it was published

    If it wasn’t, then it’s a typical liberal BS move

    • suyts says:

      Yes, apparently neither did Dr. Spencer, but it backfired. Sure, he’ll get his paper refined. And no, we won’t like it. But, there is no amount of make-up they can put on this pig to make it look pretty. They publicized it too much. There is no spin they can make to spin this as if the blogs didn’t force a correction to bad science which had been peer reviewed. ……… as long as we keep attacking.

      Curiously, Anthony and mods seem to be away from their keyboards, and have been for some time.

      • Latitude says:

        I think the games about to start……;-)

        …..that and God knows, no one wanted to miss his royal hynie’s speech

        it didn’t work because we didn’t go in debt far enough……………….

        • suyts says:

          Obviously………if we’d just spent $1/2 trillion more everything would be just fine!

          I’m going to have to wait on the transcript though, but like Dessler’s paper, I’m sure it won’t be anything other than something to laugh at.

      • Latitude says:

        and we inherited this mess and it’s the republican’s fault

  2. Mike Davis says:

    I guess I am missing all the good shows on Comedy News Network, like the speech and possible talking head commentators that interpret the speech to make it clear as mud what they thought the Prez really meant!

    • suyts says:

      I’ll help with that later! 🙂 Very pretty words.

      But, to me, this is the story of the day. Dessler is changing his paper because of the blogs. After, it was peered reviewed!!!

      • Mike Davis says:

        I read that at Spencer’s site! We will see. He should be withdrawing the entire thing as well as retracting his 2010 paper that was a rebuttal of an earlier Spencer paper.

        • suyts says:

          Well, he should if he had any honor. But, that won’t happen. But, what should be happening is a celebration.

          Mike. This is the point and time that we’ve all been striving for.

          If the paper gets altered, this is an acknowledgement, not just of the legitimacy of Dr. Spencer’s posits, but an acknowledgement of the blogosphere. Sure, they’ll cry about anything other than to give it credit, but it won’t matter. The fact is, if they go through with the changes it will be because of the straightforward logic and science of the skeptical blogosphere.

          A paper widely sensationalized, purportedly to rebut one of the more famous skeptics, forced to change its meaning. Why? Because it could not hold up to the light of criticism from the skeptical blogosphere. It is a victory, and we own it.

  3. Mike Davis says:

    It will be treated as if it did not make a difference to the findings and they are still “Robust”. They will not admit defeat even while the entire charade is being swept under the carpet.
    The money being used for climate research could be put to better use upgrading the transportation infrastructure which would result it three times the number of jobs created than lost by defunding wasteful research projects. Think about the yearly cost to maintain a scientific presence on Antarctica!

    • suyts says:

      I agree. And already on WUWT, we have people asking the rest of us to be “gracious”. As I’m about to post over there, graciousness is a luxury only afforded to victors.

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