Bob Berwyn’s delusions were the cause of his Non-Sequitur

Today, Steve exposed us to more ramblings of our new found friend, Bob Berwyn.  He astutely noted Bob’s non-sequitur about tying avalanches to global warming.  It was a bizarre leap.

Being of the curious nature, I decided to pop over and see how a seemingly otherwise intelligent man could make such a leap.  What I found was sad.  At first, it was a bit shocking but as my mind raced for an explanation I can only come to the conclusion that our friend Bob needs help.  The poor man seems to be delusional.  And, perhaps, of the paranoid sort.  Now, I don’t make these claims lightly.  Nor would I without evidence.  So, I’ll present the argument.

Bob starts off by first writing a nice little article about recently released communications of the U.S. Embassy in Austria, courtesy of rapeyleaks.  err, wikileaks I mean.  And it starts just fine rambling about the Austrian avalanche center…… which I guess could almost be relevant to some people of Colorado.  And then he writes about Americans in Austria.

That’s when a wheel fell of his wagon.  Suddenly he shoots off in a totally tangential direction!  In his fifth paragraph, he seems compelled to add ………….

“In other cables, the embassy discusses turmoil in Austria’s far right Freedom Party, an alpine version of the Tea Party. After election setbacks, the Freedom Party purged prominent right-wingers, including nationalist leaders who hovered dangerously close to fascism in some of their public positions.”

Obviously, poor Bob conflated two different stories he was working on.  And, apparently, the realities are too much for such a fragile mind to distinguish from delusions.  I can’t find a single connection of Austria’s Freedom party to the TEA party except in poor Bob’s mind!  In fact I asked a friend of mine (who is in the TEA party) if he’d ever heard of the Freedom party of Austria.  He said, and I quote, “Huh?”  He gave me a strange look and continued with an explanation……  “You got any beer?”  So, while that wasn’t a complete denial, my instincts tell me he doesn’t know anything about a Freedom party in Austria.  I’ll continue investigating……

Immediately after Bob’s divergence from reality, he went to writing about Kyoto and emission targets and how Austria overcame a different delusion of their own.

I informed Bob that the TEA Party wanted a weaker central government.  (Obviously contrary to fascism.)  Bob responded with more word salad………

“………. and yes, Austria’s Freedom Party also hides its agenda behind a “libertarian” label.”

Apparently, rapeyleaks  err, wikileaks, has endowed Bob with superior knowledge of the Austrian people and their political goings on.  Well, if only in his mind.  Perhaps he’s Austrian, I don’t know.

But here is what I do know.  First and foremost, there isn’t any relationship of the Freedom Party of Austria with the TEA party.  I also know the TEA party and the Libertarian party are not the same thing.  Fascism runs contrary to the ideas of both the TEA party and the Libertarian party.  More, fascism is abhorrent to both.  It is the struggle against totalitarianism that motivates both groups.

I’ve much more to say, but I’ll end with this.  Bob managed to spew some very slanderous and hateful things about many of his fellow citizens.  Many, also, happen to be some of my friends and loved ones.  While I may not agree with all of their perspectives, I’d damned sure trust them with the future of this nation over the clowns that are in there now.  If someone believes that lovers of liberty and a constrained government is the worst of our element, then you’d think we’d be in pretty good shape.  But that isn’t the worst of our element.  They are much nearer the best of our element.  The worst of our element our ones that would engage in fallacious characterizations of large groups of people in this country all the while wallowing in their own bigotry.

Doublethink is basically the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.

Bob, seek help.


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14 Responses to Bob Berwyn’s delusions were the cause of his Non-Sequitur

  1. Mike Davis says:

    “Doublethink is basically the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”
    Being that they are both part of the same measuring stick and every personal belief falls somewhere along that line except at the absolute ends, absolute anything is nonexistence and only exists in theory.
    Some people do not see contradictory things as representing different sides of the same issue so to them they are not contradictory, Narrow Minded, Mental Myopia.
    Whether it is genetic, self taught or a by-product of social development that leads to different mental conditions it is probably not really important but as of now there is no cure. The “Experts” will say otherwise but history shows reality!
    I think it is social development through teaching what to think rather than how to think.
    Bob is a victim of his early environment, as we all are. A patch can be applied by teaching them a different What to Think. That was the basis for Cult Deprogramming! The other side is that it is the primary success of Cult programming, Sheeple follow who they believe and they are taught that from birth! To a certain extent we are all “Sheeple”!

    • suyts says:

      To an extent. What differentiates people from sheeple is the ability for introspection and the ability to act upon it.

      For example, when someone, states something contrary to a belief one holds, the persons being told can do one of two things. Consider the statement or disregard it because it would require a change in beliefs even to entertain the possibility that they could be wrong.

      That’s the difference. Rational people understand that perspectives and beliefs may not always be correct, so, when confronted, we consider. We may accept or reject the thoughts, but the thoughts are considered. As we see in this case. They were not.

      • Mike Davis says:

        That depend on your personal definition of rational! 😉 It is a measurable quality that can only be measured by ones own level of experience!
        It is a part of individual evolution, Maturity! It is also part of the evolution of society as a whole.

  2. Mike Davis says:

    Can you list recent comments? It would be easier to see who said what recently!

      • Mike Davis says:

        NO! On the right of the body Steve has recent comments under recent posts and to see who said what in chronological order lets me know where to read. The other choice is to have a separate e-mail for web sites to receive follow-up comments.
        Being on satellite my e-mail is normally off to reduce download which is restricted!

      • suyts says:

        OIC…..yes, which one? Wildblue or Hughes net? Did they write you a thank you note for the nearly $4 billion gift the taxpayers gave them?

        I’ll see what I can do……..

      • suyts says:

        Mike, ask and you shall receive! Refresh and it should be there for you.

    • Mike Davis says:

      Hughesnet is the only “Fast” “Reliable” ( I use those terms loosely) internet service I can get here.
      They claim DSL may or may not be available but I do not have a Land Line in my house and cable broadband is 14 miles away.
      I could get a cell data card but that is 2x faster than 56k at times, on a good day. I need a booster just for cell phones here.
      Rural telecommunications are also subsidized as is rural electric. Well! They were the last time I read the rules and regs!
      Part of that subsidy has to do with service being available for government use, emergency service and such. A command center can be up and running with voice and data communications within a very short time compared to past technology.
      I was not aware of Wildblue and Hughesnet acquired the one I was going to use that was actually just a reseller of Hughesnet services.

      • suyts says:

        Yes, that was the reasoning behind the $4 billion. I like the thought behind it, but I have a huge problem with the feds simply gifting to private enterprises. Oddly, NRTC was cut out of the process this time.

        I had a former congressman call me one day asking for me to help push this idea. I told him a better idea would be to take the money and contract people to build cell towers, once built, lease the cell towers to the various cell companies………….. jobs, infrastructure, and a revenue stream for the fed, with the added benefit of increasing communication abilities to the rural citizenry….. naw….. why do something like that when we can just give money to some donors?

        Satellite internet is a dying tech in the form it is in now. Cellular internet speeds will only increase, but the coverage is lagging because all of the low hanging fruit has been grabbed. It isn’t worth it for a company to build towers for 3-4 customers. You really can’t beat carrying the internet around in your pocket. No installation fees, no equipment to be mounted etc….. except for people like you and many of the people in rural locations.

        The $4 billion instead was given (the lion’s share) to two sat internet companies. I do understand that another satellite will be launched to increase both coverage and speeds, but in the end, the money will have been wasted.

        lol, and yes, “fast and reliable” is a loose term when related to sat internet.

  3. Latitude says:

    you know……
    I’m been putting way too much thought in what to say about Bob.
    I came up with nothing……..
    Either you have to believe he’s that stupid….
    …..or he’s not

    • suyts says:

      Yes, he’s either a person that lacks the ability to discern, or not…….. I think Bob actually knows some things. That said, how bright can a person be to make such assertions? It is the constant question for people like us.

  4. free ipad 2 says:

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