When bad intentions become evident


Ok, I’ve tried to write about this several times, but each time, my emotions get the best of me and I can’t complete my thoughts nor express properly what I want to state.  This is my latest attempt to get it right.  It won’t be, but I believe this needs stated.

I guess, a little background information about me and mine is appropriate.

I was born to a soldier.  At the time, military pay wasn’t very good, but the Army takes care of its own, so we weren’t for want of much.  In my formative years, Dad, remained a soldier.  While the pay for soldiers got better, one could never say we were affluent.  We were rich in many things, just never money.  He retired when I was in high school and he went back to the area of his roots.  When I say retired, it was just from the military.  It was still necessary that my parents supplement their income.  It was a slightly poor area of this nation.  Not West Virginia hillbilly poor, but certainly not a place ripe for wealth accumulation.  But, that was never a priority for us.  The ethos, I was instilled with was that one should work hard and earn their keep.  If one had a roof, clothing and food, then one had all that they needed and anything else was/is gravy.  I’ve done my best to adhere to that mindset throughout my life.  And, I’ve tried to instill the thought in my children.  And, I’ve accomplished this to a certain extent.  I  should note, this isn’t a unique ethos, especially for Americans.  This mindset is the cause of most of the American successes throughout  our history.  Sure, there are other cultures with similar mindsets, but it has always been embraced by many of this nation, and helps us continue our tradition of individual ruggedness.  We make our own way and are beholding to no one and no thing, especially our government. 

I have a good job, it provides all that I need and more.  I don’t make 6 figures, but for this area, one could state that I’m very middle-class.  Yet, I am very rich in other areas of my life.  My faith is sustained.  My family is still very close.  I love and I am loved.  And I am free.  I’ve more than I could ever ask for.

Recently, like many Americans, my son-in-law and daughter found themselves to be without jobs.  As did some cousins of mine.  I try to help, and do from time to time, as do others.  My daughter found some work, albeit for little pay.  But, recently, is has become increasingly frustrating that my son-in-law and cousins couldn’t find work.  To add to the frustration it was apparent, that some local companies were hiring people.  Now, my people, while not white collar, are very skilled laborers.  They posses many talents and proof of the many talents.  More, there isn’t much that they aren’t willing to do for pay.

The other day, I found out why they can’t get hired.  My cousin’s daughter recently found work as a housekeeper at a hotel.  The manager went to her and told her, had he been there, she would have not been hired.  Shocked, my cousin’s daughter asked why that was so.  The response, to me, is spine tingling.  He stated he would not have hired her because she was not on “cash assistance”.  For those not familiar with the term, it is welfare!  Yes, times are hard, and money is scarce, but my people have been able to manage without accepting the payments of welfare.  It turns out, companies get extra money for hiring people on welfare.  Now, it seems for people in the position of my people, they will be forced to accept the payments, surrender their freedom, (there are any number of conditions placed upon people accepting government monies.)  And lose the ethos and dignity of being able to earn their own way before being able to provide for their families.  More, it encourages companies to start an endless cycle of firings and layoffs to continue to receive the extra money.  This encourages the subjugation of an entire class of citizens, and moves them from one class, the working poor, to another, the poor.

This, can be nothing but intentional.  What is decidedly an American ethos is not only being discouraged, but tramped out of our societal consciousness.  MY GOD!  MY PEOPLE!!  MY COUNTRY!!!

I can’t continue this posting much further.  Except to say, whoever decided this is a direction the people of this nation should move toward should hope   pray I never encounter them nor they me.  God would be the only entity that could intervene.  For a person to contrive this toward their fellow countrymen is obscene and I consider treasonous towards this nation and certainly is towards my people and I will conduct myself pursuant to that notion.  The attempted subjugation of the people of this nation is evident, and it is being pursued by our fellow countrymen.  I’ve known this for some time now, here is the proof. 

I encourage all to act upon this in any manner legal.  Act; act swiftly, act harshly and act with prejudice.



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  1. P.J. says:

    Excellent post! I live in southern Ontario. Recently my wife and I became friends with a family that had moved here from Georgia about 3 years ago. David (who is a doctor, and one of the founding members of the Department of Homeland Security) told me about state sponsored prostitution in Georgia. I thought he was kidding, but it was what he called welfare. Apparently women (especially black) were having many children from multiple fathers while on welfare. When the government check would arrive, some of those “fathers” (I use the term loosely as few of them would stick around to raise the children) would come around to collect a “stud fee”. If the women didn’t pay up, they would get beaten up. Sickening!

    When I read stories like this, I go back to a quote from Thomas Jefferson, “Any government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have”.

    I will be visiting your site more often. Keep up the good work!

    • suyts says:

      Your friends story is true, though there have been some efforts to curb the behavior. In other parts of the country the stud fee isn’t a problem, but we still have people procreating for government money.

      I’m one that accepts that we will always have those sorts with us. Obviously, I think we’re dealing with it in an entirely wrong way.

      But this, this madness, can be seen as nothing short as a direct assault upon the fabric of our society. The imagination of Orwell had nothing on these aberrations of lifeforms. If the tree of liberty ever needed watered…………….

  2. P.J. says:

    “I have a good job, it provides all that I need and more. I don’t make 6 figures, but for this area, one could state that I’m very middle-class. Yet, I am very rich in other areas of my life. My faith is sustained. My family is still very close. I love and I am loved. And I am free. I’ve more than I could ever ask for.”

    That just about describes me as well. The “I don’t make 6 figures” jumped out at me, because I have a story to share about how peoples’ priorities are so screwed up these days. I teach high school science. 4 years ago I had a student in grade 9. He started off well, but towards the end of the semester, his grade dropped 10% (or more) while his attendance was suffering. I had an interview with his parents (father and step mother). During the interview, the father told me that he and his wife both left the house at 6am and didn’t get home until 7pm. He said they wanted their son to be successful like them. He then said, “We both make six figures”. I was stunned by his remark. I wanted to stop and tell him that the reason his son was drifting was because nobody was there for him. I wanted to tell him that his definition of “success” was completely off target. I ended up saying nothing as the interview was about their son’s classroom performance, not their parenting. Two years later I had the same student again. The same thing happened (great start, followed by a sharp drop in grade) but much worse … it was about 30% this time. He passed the course, but barely. Finally, I had him a third time … this current semester. He started a month late (in March) trying the same course as two years ago to upgrade his mark. He got up to a 72, but stopped coming June 1st and will most likely fail. I have seen so much of this in teaching, where parents don’t spend time with their children – rather, they spend money on them and keep them busy (ie: out of their hair). One wonders why they became parents in the first place. It isn’t all like that, but I wonder about the future of our Western civilization. Like you, I see the fabric of our society slowly being torn. I don’t know if it can be fixed, but I am doing all I can to make sure that doesn’t happen to my own children.

    • suyts says:

      That’s a heart wrenching story. Why people can’t see that having someone else raise their children is a bad idea is beyond me. 2 people in the same household both making 6 figures. For what? Do they believe the money will make up for their absence? You must see this sort of thing all too often. And, yes, our society’s preoccupation with wealth being a proxy for success is something that saddens me.

      In my dad’s house, we were raised with the concept that all people, working and engaged are of equal value. That is to say, his words “A street sweeper is just as important as the president.”. We all have different functions in life and each function is necessary. Or, rather, it should be this way. I don’t begrudge people making money, I wish they’d prioritize better, but they don’t. If that’s what they want to spend all of their energies toward, so be it. I wish they would feel more of an obligation to their children.

      I believe, to get us back to the proper way of thinking (money only being one small proxy for success.) something significant will have to occur. What? I’m not sure. OTOH, children being raised in this fashion may see the folly of their parents and, indeed, most parents will realize their folly when its too late. We see this often in social history. A pendulum of sorts. I truly wish this would swing back the other way.

      It destroys the American dream. I’ve got 2 daughters, one has married and brought me 5 beautiful grandchildren. (Three were imported, but they’re mine anyway. 🙂 ) But, its becoming increasingly obvious, that they must both work. The two working household has done many things, none of which I perceive as good. It creates an upward pressure on pricing of all things. Cars, homes, even groceries, it further limits employment opportunities for all and creates a downward pressure on wages. Before some lurker reads this and gets their panties in a wad believing that I’m stating that the woman should get back into the kitchen, that’s not what I stated. Currently, I don’t care who stays and who goes to work, but someone should be there for the every day raising of the child. And we need to quit obsessing over what other people have and what people don’t. As I stated earlier, If one has a roof, clothing and food, then one had all that they needed and anything else is gravy.

      P.J., thanks for posting that comment. Maybe, just maybe, someone will wander by and read your comment and apply it towards their family life.

      • In my dad’s house, we were raised with the concept that all people, working and engaged are of equal value. That is to say, his words “A street sweeper is just as important as the president.”. We all have different functions in life and each function is necessary.

        Agreed – our backgrounds may be very different. but I endorse your philosophy on this subject..The largest warship in the world couldn’t function without the cooks and stewards and mess-cleaners

        Lord Wellington was asked by a correspondent of the London Times just after the battle of Waterloo, to what he attributed his success? He pointed to a red-coated, grimy and sweating private nearby. “To that article” he said.

      • suyts says:

        Exactly, ……towards that end, …… Napoleon had that figured out, too. As does and general worth a darn. “Soldiers generally win battles; generals get credit for them”—– – Napoleon Bonaparte

        BTW, Mostly, now that you’ve been approved, you won’t have to wait for your comments being posted in moderation. They should just pass through now.

  3. P.J. says:

    I have more to add … I will be around some time this week. I have been going back and forth with “Ill Wind” on Steve’s site, but have spent too much time doing so. I need a break from that! All the best for now … P.J.

    • suyts says:

      Yeh, I would not have gone through all that work for that guy. You and I have both seen those types come and go there. I’m sure he’ll be moving on soon.

  4. GregO says:


    Great post on an important topic.

    I come from a slightly different perspective – I am an employer. I own a manufacturing company (close partnership-family owned) and I would love to expand and hire more people. Of course I value all people, but there are two types of people I have an especially soft spot for: Skilled manufacturing types (master machinists for example) and new college grads. In the last few years I have had multiple year experienced master machinists come to the interview riding a bicycle – they were dead-broke and living with their relatives. They are not derelicts – just unemployed so long they ran out of money and too proud for hand-outs.

    We have the business. I have two buildings and would like a third and believe me where I am there are plenty of empty buildings.

    There are many excellent people out there looking for work and I’d love to have them. It wasn’t always like this – in the past our growth was severely limited due in part to lack of skilled manufacturing people. Here’s the problem: no one is lending money. Our bank failed. No one has stepped in to provide us a line of credit what’s more a longer – term business loan. We are entirely self-funded. It is insane what is going on in the country right now. I have been doing this since 1979 and have never seen anything like this. I’m not the only one.

    To me it’s not even a democrat/republican thing. I recall when the buzz-word was the “new economy” , dot-coms, and the “service” economy (what the heck is that?). None of it made sense to me or to my business sense.

    We have to create a new direction for our country.

    • suyts says:


      Thanks for the input. And, you’re right. We need a new direction……. same as the old one. You asked a great question….let me move things around for you.. …..”The service economy, what the heck is that?”

      It was in the 90s, I believe, when this country fully embraced the concept of a service economy. And, you nailed it being related to the “dot com” era. The thought was we could build an economy more geared towards services rather than producing material goods and products. Services are goods of no intrinsic value. Places such as consulting firms provide services, call centers, engineering (to an extent) and the like. The thought was we could have the high paying jobs here and leave the manufacturing to the cheap labor areas……such as Taiwan, Korea and the like. This was reinforced by the embracing the concept that everyone here needed a college degree. No one was suppose to need to sweat for a living anymore, we’d let others do that for us. And so, we convinced almost an entire generation of people, that not only did they not have to sweat for a living, but they were also deserving of a job and education that would put them in the upwardly mobile earning class. And so, we as a nation pursued this line of thought.

      There were several that screamed this is the wrong direction, but how do you convince people that not all of their children have the capacity to be engineers. scientists or doctors? One of the most difficult concepts I try to relate is the difference in value between a good produced that is tangible vs one that isn’t. (Much of what I’m stating is for other readers benefit.)

      Your in manufacturing, so, you produce something that can be touched, weighed, and most importantly, valued. A service cannot be. We can make assumptions as to its value, but because it can’t be measured, it can’t be properly valued. The value of a service is only good until the people your providing the service determines that they can provide the same service either better or cheaper or both. Once that occurs, then all of the past service provided accounts for nothing. There isn’t anything in inventory, there is no product that had a purchased price, all of it vanishes. Poof! It never happened. Contrast that to the way you provide things. You make something, and even if the people you’re providing decide not to use your product any longer, they still have something of tangible value, and you still have tangible value. Your goods would still be on a shelf or in a plant or on an inventory. And while you may have already received your money for the good manufactured, the good manufactured will continue to generate money and value on inventories for some time. (Food stuffs being the exception to this for the most part.) So, when service contract is ended……nothing remains. When manufacturing contract is ended, tangible goods continue to add to the total economy and GNP.

      GregO, the reason things went this way are two-fold. Corporate greed with no loyalty to nationality. (HP is a great example.) and this nation raising our children with the notion of entitlement. Why economists didn’t jump up and scream “This won’t work!!!!” is beyond me. But it won’t and it can’t . If this nation is ever to be the great economic juggernaut it once was, we will have to embrace the manufacturing, industrialized economy once again.

      PS. Once upon a time in what seems a couple of lifetimes ago, I was once a CNC laser operator. Many of the parts I cut are still in use in either trailers or in the form of hitches on the back of thousands of pickup trucks. I take great pride in knowing the work I did back then, not only still holds value, but continues to contribute to the current GNP. And, when finally, they all have no longer any use or value as a part, it will be reclaimed as scrap and put to use once again. I only pray that it will be for this nation when it does.


    • P.J. says:

      “Here’s the problem: no one is lending money. Our bank failed.”

      Exactly. Here in Canada, our banks are rock solid and so is our economy.

      P.S. Watch the first 18 seconds of this clip from Mary Poppins … it sums it all up very nicely:

  5. Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

    My name was changed!!!
    The wife went to Las Vegas to attend a granddaughters graduation and bring her 5 year old sister to visit for 2 months. She decide my name should be Grampy but I said it should be spelled with a U rather than an A. As a compromise with the wife I am now Grumpy Grampy for the next 2 months.
    The last time I had a 5 year old granddaughter living with me was in the mid 70s when I adopted wife #3’s grandaughter. It was fun walking around a store with a 2 year old riding my shoulders crying out “Granpa Looky” And I was in my late 20s at the time.
    Life is about experience and I have had my share! Now I just sit back to watch the trees grow and give you guys a bad time!
    Don’t knock the service industry. I spent my career as an analyst / trouble shooter in the communications field. I left early because I could and because quality was no longer a selling point. I put in extra hours that allowed me the retire at 58.
    The song “My Way” comes to mind here!
    Knowing what I know now I would have probably lived a different life but the one I lived made me what I am today and I am mostly comfortable with that!

    • Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

      I forgot to give my real name: Mike Davis! The Icon probably gave me away anyhow! 8)

    • suyts says:

      Thanks, Mike, but I knew it was you from a comment you left at Steve’s. Andy your writing style is fairly unique. Nice moniker, and yes, grandchildren are the best! My eldest married, had two of her own but I also inherited 3 others! The oldest is 8 y/o.

      I don’t think I’m going to get to retire at 58, but one never knows. When you say communications field, you mean equipment or oration? I sure could have used an expert a few years back when I moved to my current position. In case you or anyone else would be interested, I’m a net admin by trade, but these last few years have seen me working mostly with “Smart” grid technology for a small electric utility.

      Just to clarify, I’m not knocking the service industry. Obviously it is necessary. And, I’ve been in it since my back blew out. But that isn’t what generates wealth for this nation, or any other nation. I’d expound more, but I just had some oral surgery and between the pain and the pain killers, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be too coherent or up to any lively discussion. But I may, at some point in the future go into greater detail of the differences of the economic dynamics between service and manufacturing and the implications on wealth.

      • Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

        I was involved in the technical aspects of Human to human and human to machine communications. From mechanical through digital. Being a trouble shooter the human factor was a large part of trouble shooting.
        I had a lot of NET administrators for clients as they took over all facets of communications in most companies and government agencies.
        I was raised in a family business, Bakery. That is why I went to another field. In Las Vegas there was not a lot of industry and public utilities were the most stable prospect for employment. The Telephone Company offered me a job that I could not refuse while I was the head of mail and file systems at one of the major hotels in 1968. I spent the next 37 years studying all phases of communications from the regulation aspects to the technical aspects. There were a lot of changes in that field over 37 years. I was the front line of the company customer interface and some times the company was my customer also because they required their own unique communications setups to provide better service for their customers.

  6. Latitude says:

    My roommate from grad runs Alvin, he knows about this stuff because he has to put up with these people on their boats…..

    I ran into this looking for something else…..

    Almost 100% of their claimed sea level rise is dead center in the Indo-Pacific ring of fire, you can even see a couple of red dots off the coast of Japan where they just had the earthquakes.
    They are finding under water volcanoes by looking at the difference in the height of sea level above them. Something to do with the magnetic field over a under water volcano making the sea a little higher right above it.
    Then when you look at the trend map, you can actually see drag or lag from the satellites (west to east) pulling it out into the Pacific. That’s a mechanical problem, not an actual measurement.

    We know that area is having a party with new sea floor volcanoes, all the earth quakes, tidal waves, eruptions, etc

    Here’s the sea level trend map..notice the 20mm standing wave in Indonesia (dark red)

    Here’s the Underwater Ring of Fire, notice it’s centered on the dark red, right in the middle of all those volcanic islands..


    Here’s how you look for underwater volcanoes, by the height of sea level…..

    Thousand of new volcanoes revealed beneath the waves
    “”Satellites can detect volcanoes that are more than 1500 m high because the mass of the submerged mountains causes gravity to pull the water in around them. This creates domes on the ocean’s surface that can be several metres high and can be detected from space.””

    Now go back to the sea level trend map and explain sea level rise……………..
    There’s no physical reason that the oceans would be that much higher right there, and stay there. even though it’s only 1/2 inch

    • suyts says:

      Lat, I’m going to make this a thread of it’s own.

    • Latitude says:

      Alvin is that sardine can they put on the bottom of the ocean….
      I’ve been in it, just not down in it….
      ….there’s no way they could get me to do that
      His name is James too! LOL
      I’ve got all kinds of crap he’s sent me from the bottom of the ocean though.

      • suyts says:

        Lat, I’ve never heard anyone posit that much of the sea-level rise recently seen, could be blamed on volcanic activity. I would have thought someone may have approached the subject already, ……

        That said, this is pretty exciting stuff!!!

      • Latitude says:

        I thought you’d enjoy this……………………
        For some reason, sea bottom volcanoes hold a standing wave over them.
        If you add more volcanoes, you obviously add more sea height.
        There’s no other physical reason that the ocean would stay that much higher in the Indo-Pacific.
        The two red dots off Japan give it away, along with the fact that it follows – exactly – the
        ring of fire.

      • Latitude says:

        Also note, when the ring of fire gets to Calif, it’s inland…
        …no sea level rise there

      • Latitude says:


        Data produced by radar sensors like ERS-1 have been used to produce global seafloor elevation data. Radar pulses cannot penetrate the deep ocean, but they can be used to accurately measure the height of the sea surface relative to a global ellipsoid such as WGS 84. As you know, the geoid is defined as mean sea level adjusted to account for
        the effects of gravity. Geodesists invent reference ellipsoids like WGS 84 to approximate the geoid’s shape with a figure that is easier to define mathematically. Because gravity varies with mass, the geoid bulges slightly above the ellipsoid over seamounts and undersea volcanoes, which often rise 2000 meters or more above the ocean floor. Sea surface elevation data produced by satellite altimeters can thus be used to predict fairly detailed bathymetry, as shown in the map below.

      • Latitude says:

        Satellite Altimetry
        For example the extra gravitational attraction due to a massive mountain on the ocean floor attracts water toward it causing a local bump in the ocean surface;


  7. Latitude says:

    My post is in moderation hell…..too many links LOL

  8. Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

    Latitude the prevailing wind direction also contributes to the sea level. I have a problem with satellite sea level measurements as the surface of the globe is always in flux over extremely long periods of time. You have a valid point about the Ring Of Fire which is ignored by many as is the Gakkel Ridge and the string of Geothermal activity that makes up the West Antarctic Peninsula and beyond.

  9. suyts says:

    This is interesting, to say the least. More over, if there is continuous thermal activity in the area, it isn’t just pushing up the water, it is also expanding it. (Which probably accounts for why it raises the water.)

    I’m not sure if there is an adequate equation to quantify expansion of relative to heat applied to it, but I’ll look.

    Lat, I’m trying to hang on, but the pain pills are about to put me out. It’s their ineffectiveness that’s kept me awake for the last couple of hours. Damned things only make me fuzzy thinking and don’t do much for the pain. I think I’ll try to read up on this Hiller guy. Maybe drop him a line.

    • Latitude says:

      It’s generally thought that it’s mass, and the gravity is pulling the water in…..

      Thermal would go up and down, which it does, this doesn’t, it’s pretty consistent.

    • Latitude says:

      This is dead center in that red glob………

      Giant Undersea Volcano Revealed: Kawio Barat; Indonesia
      [NOAA Ship Explores Undersea Volcano More Than 10,000-ft. High, Maps Indonesian Ocean Seafloor]
      During the past few weeks, one of the world’s larges submerged volcano was mapped and explored in detail for the first time by a joint Indonesian/U.S. expedition north of the island of Sulawesi. \

    • Latitude says:

      Or, it could just be a physical property of the satellites….
      Sea floor volcanoes have a very strong gravitational and magnetic pull……

      It’s possible that they are pulling the satellites down, making them register a higher sea level………………..

      Whatever it is, there’s no physical reason for a standing wave in the Indo-Pacific…
      …and that’s where all the sea level rise is supposed to be

  10. NikFromNYC says:

    Y’all ain’t seein’ the sublime beauty before ye: commies of all colors attached their full fleet of limousines to a dog star that is suddenly flickering ‘stead o’ burnin’ bright.


    P.S. my CNC router towers o’er my old Italian bed in which I sat every Friday, an hour or four at a time, becoming World War Two, as I peered down a mile of Broadway USA from floor five: father fixed aircraft instruments in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska in the Pacific theatre. Those flyboys weren’t coming back if the glowing dials didn’t spin right. On -=Nik’s=- Island of the Atlantic, this Isle of Man, even my Upper West Side neighbors adopt “kid caught with hand in cookie jar” bad doggie looks when Global Warming (R.I.P.) embarrassingly slips through their stupid sister’s lips. Global Warming is the Stuxnex virus, a meme set free, devilish by decree, which is now stripping cockroaches of their ladybug paintjobs. Hurray, I say!

    P.S.S. Here is the mandatory Nietzsche quote that expresses my own first impression of today’s thread here:

    “TheHammer Speaks:

    “Why so hard?” the kitchen coal once said to the diamond. “After all, are we not close kin?”

    Why so soft? O my brothers, thus I ask you: are you not after all my brothers?

    Why so soft, so pliant and yielding? Why is there so much denial, self-denial, in your hearts? So little destiny in your eyes?

    And if you do not want to be destinies and inexorable ones, how can you one day triumph with me?

    And if your hardness does not wish to flash and cut through, how can you one day create with me?

    For all creators are hard. And it must seem blessedness to you to impress your hand on millennia as on wax.

    Blessedness to write on the will of millennia as on bronze — harder than bronze, nobler than bronze. Only the noblest is altogether hard.

    This new tablet, O my brothers, I place over you: Become hard!”

  11. Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

    I see it as the rate /speed and direction of change in sea level. I also see it as the current manifestation of the PDO Ocean Atmosphere circulation pattern. The ENSO region of the equator is losing height at about the same rate as the western pacific is gaining.
    I understand they have found many volcanoes using the method you describe. ( I prefer the term “Geothermal activity” as a lot of what they are finding is vents on the ocean floor).
    I see this as more of an indication the PDO shifted to what is called the negative phase related to the west coast of the US.
    What they are showing is not a standing wave but change in elevation over time. The way these graphics are produced are meant to confuse people and based on short periods of time they are little more than conversation pieces.

    • Latitude says:

      I know what they are showing…..they are showing a change in elevation that is not possible or sustainable. Is it going to keep changing elevation forever??

      It’s a stupid satellite glitch…..That change in elevation does not taper off to the east because of currents or temperature…it’s running the wrong way!
      It tapers off to the east because of satellite drag.
      It’s the same effect you get with radar when it tries to look over the horizon at a thunderstorm.
      Theses satellites are orbiting west to east, it’s still feeling the drag as it goes east, as it
      gets further away it feels less drag, so the little red blogs taper off.

      • Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

        It is going to change elevation forever but not in the same direction, but averaged over the time measured they claim that is what was measured. Example: In 2002 they measured 10 mm and in 2009 they measured 150mm the average per year would be 20mm per year and it does not matter that they only took two data points. I say it is BS and does not mean anything. I also agree about the quality of satellite results. Maybe in 40 or 50 years they will have the “Bugs” worked put of the equipment. They can not admit problems as their jobs depend on people thinking they are getting results. The only measurement of sea level that is meaningful is its relation to connecting land surfaces. The only measurement of land surface is it relation to sea surface. Global sea level is a fantasy used to scare little children. Using satellites to measure sea level is a waste of money and resources. I feel the same way about using a satellite to measure global temperatures.
        Satellites provide weather information that can save lives and help people prepare for severe events. I look at the satellite imagery when weather systems are approaching my

      • Latitude says:

        GG, I 100% agree.
        But that tag line heading east is a artifact of the satellite, it has nothing to do with real life.
        Look at the two red dots off Japan, they have that same drag line.
        That has to be something pulling on the satellite, and as it get further over the horizon, the pull gets less. That’s the taper.
        The satellites are shooting straight down, it’s impossible for that taper to be real sea level where it is. Bu something pulling on it will give that effect.

      • Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

        The problem I see is faulty data collection. I do not care why. I will let the engineers work that out.
        The other problem is people believe the results published from the data collected which has probably been “Corrected”. That I tend to care about! When convenient people think a short term data set is meaningful. That I disagree with but that is part of the rules of this game so we play by their rules.

  12. Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

    It is the problem I have with any trends. Historic trends can not tell us what the future will be but longer trends can give us clues about possible future conditions. The earth could tilt and result in more equal conditions year round such as Spring and Fall or it could acquire a more dramatic tilt and that would result in more severe weather events. Imagine a shift of 10 degrees less tilt and the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn were at 13.5 north and south.
    The reopening of the isthmus of Panama would change the ocean circulation patters and take the globe back to the conditions 4 or 5 million years ago when the glacial /interglacial cycles were not as long or as drastic. I read somewhere 40 thousand years. If Antarctica moves off the South pole it would change global weather patterns.
    Those things are as likely in our lifetimes as CO2 causing a change in climate / weather patterns.

  13. Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

    Cute Story:
    The wife told grand daughter I preferred to be called Grumpy and the next time we were on the phone granddaughter insisted on saying she was sorry for wanting to call me Grampy rather than Grumpy. It should be an interesting 2 months! Of course I will answer to either for her.

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