Censorship, bigotry and racism at Soda!

This is why I like Steve’s blog. http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/

Yes, it’s a bit over-the-top sometimes, but it’s free wheeling and allows for vigorous debate and exchange of ideas.  Recently, one of his posts linked to a Sodahead discussion.  I wasn’t familiar with the place so I thought I’d stick around and see what it was about.  Wow, I’m shocked by what was allowed to be discussed.  But, I’m used to all sorts of discussions at Steve’s, so no biggy.  The other day, one title/question really piqued my interest,………. well, angered me would be more accurate.

The title was, “Does Anyone Actually Believe The GOP Would EVER Nominate a Non-White Candidate For Presidency?”

Now, at this moment, I should state, that I’m not really a Republican.  It is just what I perceive as the lesser of two evils.  My views are my own and don’t conform to any political party.  Both parties, in this country, do a great job of getting it wrong, consistently.  So, you ask, then what’s the big deal about the GOP question?  Easy, while I resist labels, I acknowledge that people insist on having them and they are necessary for political purposes.  Most people would identify me with the GOP, so, I take particular umbrage at the question.  It is racist in its thought and expression.  It is divisive and irresponsible.  So, to the discussion I go, and I state the thought I just expressed.  I also point out the inconsistency of the question by showing them parts of this offering.  I had more, such as this. ….. and more.

I’m not stating there are no racists in the Republican party, there are.  And I’m not going to scream about which party has more or less.  I think its an absurd discussion.  So I challenged the blatant bigotry and stereotyping.  After going to shoot pool and several beers later, I came back to the site to see how the conversation progressed.  And I found the same person (later I found out that was the person that started the thread) spewing the same illogical nonsense.  http://www.sodahead.com/user/profile/1213236/buhit/      

“Why do people…… scratch that….. why do Dems obsess with race?”  That was the last sentence I was allowed to write.  True, I did over-generalize, but I thought appropriate at the time.  Now, even if I try to respond to myself, I get this, “We are sorry but this user has chosen not to receive correspondence.”  This occurred well before the last post on the thread.  Apparently, alarmist blogs isn’t the only place where censorship on the internet is alive and well and the thought of a free exchange of thoughts and ideas are anathema.  Well, it just shows we’ve got a long way to go.

PS.  This blog allows the opportunity to upload music, however, it doesn’t allow for .mp3 files.  Sigh, I was going to treat you all to Sam Cook’s A Change Is Gonna Come.  For those not familiar….. go find it!  Its well worth the endeavor.

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3 Responses to Censorship, bigotry and racism at Soda!

  1. Scott says:

    A lot of people on the left do obsess with race, and also with other -isms. I once had a pretty hard leftist tell me (in late 2007) that he wanted Obama to get the presidential nomination over Hilary because he thought we might be able to get a black person president, but America would never vote in a woman for president. Basically, his reasoning was that if Obama was running, he’d win b/c the vast majority of non-racists would vote for him, and he thought America was 50% of Americans were sexist. This was all independent of all other candidates running.

    And it’s a typical thought…many people, and not just libs, tend to label their enemies such that they are despicable because it’s impossible that someone else could reach a conclusion opposing one’s own on purely logical grounds, right?


    • suyts says:

      I can only assume that it is projection occurring. Oddly enough, I’d heard that line of thought then, too. Apparently the thought was our sexism overruled our racism. It must be a horrible view point to live as a leftist. I consider myself a fairly cynical person, but, to attribute everyone’s actions to some mal-thought or another is just beyond the pail.

      As to your posit about people labeling, yes, that’s what people do. The reasoning is this, if they came to the same conclusion as myself, then obviously it was logical. If their conclusions are different the antithesis would be true.

  2. Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

    Being a weapon owner and carrier I went to a few web sites dedicated to weapon owners and advocates for carry. Being the loveable guy I am I managed to get banned from a few for supposedly inciting arguments.It is the same at a lot of sites. I quit posting at CA because I was being snipped for responding to ignorance proposed by a luke warmer and came to the realization that Steve Mac is a luke warmer. I actually was part of the cause of the forum at Climate realist to close shop. Just go over there and search for Mike Davis on the blog.
    I stay away from political sites as both sides are equal in their circle the wagons, tribalism BS.

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