So, here’s the UAH decadal trend for Feb.  As we can see, this shows a slight increase in the decadal trend.  I haven’t looked at this month’s temps for UAH, but with La Nina still kicking, we can expect almost a flat line for next month in the decadal trend.



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5 Responses to UAH DECADAL FEB

  1. James says:

    See, we really are hotting up!

  2. GregO says:


    Wasn’t last March the “Hottest March Evah!”? I remember way back then thinking to myself, “hmmm, I wonder how hot the Marches are in rural Arizona through time so I plotted a relatively rural site and was astounded at how consistent the temperatures were and how 2010 was certainly not the hottest March evah. So. My challenge is: if last year was the “hottest March evah, how are we stacking up this year?

    My excuse for not looking into it further myself is that I own a small engineering and manufacturing company and have very limited time.

    Beware the ides of March.

  3. You’re mistaken – all of Trenberth’s “missing heat” is being absorbed into the oceans (somehow evading the “all-seeing eyes” of the satellites and the Argo buoys) and will leap out when you least expect it. He who last laughs.. laugh lasts…laughs lasts… you know what I mean. You’ll see.

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